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The No frills free 03 number provider (free numbers and free 01/02 redirection)

The only provider who not only offer free 03 numbers, but also redirects them to Landlines for free.
Near Instant Account setup and instant number activation!
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We are now porting numbers to us for free!!! Yes, Free! If your 03 number is with a provide mentioned HERE and you want to move, get in touch with us!

Numbers now include free fax2email option and redirection to mobile
03 numbers for your Business

In 2014, many businesses will switch to 03 due to new consumer protection laws brought in by the UK and EU government banning 0843,0844,0845,087 and 09 numbers from use as customer sales, enquiries or support. 03 is the only non-geographic number (i.e not area dependent) to be included in inclusive landline calls as standard. Get your Free 03 today and stay legal.


  For VoIP Inbound (personal or business)(DIDs)

If you operate an inbound service, calling card or just need a free VOIP Number, get a Free 03 number (with unlimited channels) for your service today. Importantly, it will cost the same to call as any other 01/02 number and is included in inclusive minutes to landlines. Calling card companies may be able to get revenue share if you do 1k mins+ per day. Contact us for more information.



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03 Cost to caller
Calls are treated (by Law) as landline calls. Therefore will be included in callers inclusive minutes to landlines and will be charged the same rate outside any inclusive allowance.


No frills just completely Free 03 Numbers
Free Landline 01/02 Redirection – Only available from us
Redirection to Mobiles for only 1.5p/min
Free Fax2Email service.
Select your own numbers
Unlimited inbound and concurrent calls
Instant Account Setup and Instant Number Activation
* Apply for up to 1 Free number online (apply for more at the cost of £2 setup, no monthly fee).  Numbers must receive at least 1 call per month to remain active on the free number and 1 call per 12 months to remain active on the paid number. Pricing excludes VAT     


Looking for 0300 numbers?
Contact us above and we can enable the option for you to select your own 0300 numbers.
(Charities, Public Sector, Not for Profits only)

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