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Get a Free 03 Number for your business


What are 03 Numbers?

03 numbers are non-geographic numbers, not assigned to a fixed location and covering the whole of the UK to offer a fully national presence. Unlike other non-geographic numbers, 03 are charged at the same rate as 01/02 numbers.

We can offer 03 non-geographic numbers with calls received instantly redirected to your current landline number. There are several 03 ranges:

- 03303 (We provide these online with instant activation)
- 0300 (public sector/charities only)(please contact if you require an 0300 number).

Each account starts off with upto 2 concurrent calls. We can increase the capacity for a small fee. Please contact us if you require to run more than 2 concurrent calls.You may find your landline or mobile cannot handle concurrent calls.

Pricing - Pay as You Go

Redirection to any landline number costs only £0.8p/min (per minute billing - i.e we charge you in 1 minute increments).


Pricing - Bundles

If you recieve many calls, we can provide you bundles saving you money.


Unlimited Landline Redirection* - £2 per number per month

Unlimited Landline Redirection (5 number bundle)* - £5 per month (includes 5 x 03 numbers)

Unlimited Landline Redirection (10 number bundle)* - £8 per month (includes 10 x 03 numbers)

Free Conference number. We can turn any one of your numbers into a free conference number for your business with your own dedicated pin.


*Based on non-call centre/high volume redirection (upto 2 concurrent calls per number). For specialist redirection, please contact us.

Payment is via Direct Debit. 12 month minimum term.

Typical Application

- Your national number for your business
- Call Centre Inbound Number
- Create a national presence
- Replace your existing national non-geographic numbers with 03 to lower call costs for callers
- Offer a vanity (easily memorable) number for your organisation
- Use different numbers on marketing campaigns to measure success in regions or demographics

Cost to Caller

- Same as any 01/02 number
- Charged at local rate
- Many callers now have inclusive minutes from both Landlines and Mobiles
- More cost effective to run than 0800 and economic for callers


Free 03 Number (5 free 03's per account)
Redirect to any landline number for 0.8p/min
Control Panel to update Redirection
View calls instantly online
Calls to 03 numbers are included in customer calling plans to landlines