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Get Free 03's
Sales Enquiries 03303 500 100
Monday - Friday. 9am-5pm

Get a Free 03 Number for business

  • Redirected to SIP URI (for username/password, see below)
  • Unlimited Channels for 03 numbers*
  • Easy to use Control Panel
  • 99.9% Uptime
  • Full CLI supported
  • Fully Redundant Network
  • G711 (alaw/ulaw) & G729 codecs fully supported
    Looking to connect an 03 number to a username/password account? (NOT direct to URI?)
    Free03numbers ONLY redirects numbers to either a Landline or SIP URI. If you are looking to use a free03number on a VoIP Phone, Softphone or anything similar then you will need a Trunk.

    VoIP Yonder provides instant free trunks with the first 03 and 0800 number for free. You can connect a VoIP phone, Softphone (such as ZoIPer) to this trunk and recieve/make calls for free. As well as setup a PBX on the trunk.

    Outbound calls work on a PAYG model (from 0.4p/min UK landline, 1.2p/min UK Mobile)

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Free 03 Number for Access Number/High Inbound.
Redirect Via SIP
Control Panel to update Redirection
View CDRs instantly online
Calls to 03 numbers are included in customer calling plans to 01/02

03 are ideal for calling card access numbers/High inbound because:

  • Billed exactly the same way as 01/02 (i.e. will have inclusive minutes to 03 from mobile if caller has inclusive minutes to 01/02)
  • Area independent (not fixed to one location)
  • Used more and more by major calling card operators

How many concurrent calls can be received on the numbers?
*Unlimited available. We start you off on 96 concurrent calls and increase this for free if you need more.

Can you provide vanity/memorable numbers as access numbers?
Yes, absolutely. However, we do charge for these initially (up to £150/month depending on the number). But, once you reach high volumes of traffic (over 250,000 mins/month) your numbers will be free.

Examples of vanity/memorable numbers we could offer you:

  • 03303 500 200
  • 03303 500 300
  • 03303 500 500
  • 03303 600 600

Please e-mail/contact us to discuss pricing on our vanity/memorable numbers.

Are there any conditions for taking up the numbers?
All we ask is for numbers to receive at least 1 answered call per month, or numbers may be withdrawn.

Typical Application

- Call Centre
- Calling Card Access Number
- Create a national presence

- Replace your existing national non-geographic numbers with 03 to lower call costs for callers
- Use different numbers on marketing campaigns to measure success in regions or demographics

Cost to Caller

- Same as any 01/02 number
- Charged at local rate
- Many callers now have inclusive minutes from both Landlines and Mobiles
- More cost effective to run than 0800 and economic for callers