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Frequently Asked Questions


We have provided a list of frequently asked questions by our customers.

Q. Can I port a number in or out?
A. Porting is available. Please contact us. Due to the popularity of the service, we are adding new number ranges all the time. Because these number ranges are so new, they may not be portable due to the time it takes (several years) to establish porting agreements. Therefore we do not guarantee the outward portability of any number provided.
Q. Do you offer any guarantee or SLA?
A. We provide no guarantees of our service and by using our service you acknowledge this fact and use at your own risk. By using our service you agree you will not hold us responsible financially for any loss of income that could occur by using or attempting to use our services.
Q. I am not from the UK, can I get a number to for my UK Customers
A. Unfortunetly not. As numbers require ID, we can only accept customers who are physcially located in the UK.
Q. How do I receive support?
A. Please go to our support page above and send a message. We aim to respond to all sales/account and support messages within 48 working hour.
Q. Can I have more than 2 numbers?
A. Yes. Remember only the first 2 numbers are free. Numbers after the first number cost just a £2 setup fee. There are no monthly fees. Please contact us if you would like more numbers.