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Get a Free 03 Number for your business


Our 03 to Mobile are some of the cheapest Pay as you go rates on the market. Redirecting to mobile only costs 1.5p/min. The number rental itself is free and instant setup.

Simply top-up your account and get going. We even provide a small amount of credit for you to try before you buy.


Redirection Rates
Network Price Per Minute
Landline and SIP (VoIP) FREE
02 1.5p/min
Three 1.5p/min
Vodafone 1.5p/min
EE (Orange and T-Mobile) 1.5p/min
BT Fustion, Lyca 10p/min
C&W Channel Islands, Other Operators* 20p/min

Remember: Virtual Mobile Operators such as Giffgaff, Tesco, Virgin, Asda etc will be classed as the host network operators cost. I.e Giffgaff and Tesco are on the 02 Network therefore will be charged at 1.5p/min. Likewise Virgin Mobile is hosted on the EE Network meaning the cost will be again 1.5p/min.

Billing is on a 60 second basis



What are 03 Numbers?

03 numbers are non-geographic numbers, not assigned to a fixed location and covering the whole UK to offer a fully national presence. Unlike other non-geographic numbers 03 are charged at the same rate as 01/02 numbers.

We can offer 03 non-geographic numbers with calls received instantly redirected to your current 01/02 number for free. There are several 03 ranges:

- 03303 (We provide these online with instant activation)
- 0300 (public sector/charities only)(please contact if you require an 0300 number).

We do not limit the amount of calls you can have or how many concurrent calls you can have (as long as the line you are redirecting the calls to can handle multiple calls then you can recieve multiple concurrent calls.)

Unlike our competition we do not charge for 03 numbers, nor do we charge for redirection. Therefore completely free, gratis, no minimum periods . If you would like to know how, visit the 'How is it free?' section above.

Typical Application

- Your national number for your business
- Call Centre Inbound Number
- Create a national presence
- Replace your existing national non-geographic numbers with 03 to lower call costs for callers
- Offer a vanity (easily memorable) number for your organisation
- Use different numbers on marketing campaigns to measure success in regions or demographics

Cost to Caller

- Same as any 01/02 number
- Charged at local rate
- Many callers now have inclusive minutes from both Landlines and Mobiles
- More cost effective to run than 0800 and economic for callers


Free 03 Number (5 free 03's per account)
Redirect to mobile for 1.5p/min
Control Panel to update Redirection
View calls instantly online
Calls to 03 numbers are included in customer calling plans to 01/02